Youtube for editing and Glitch/Retro/VHS assets in Premier Pro

Guten Morgan!

Something I’m working on at the moment is …. (in case you didn’t read the title of this post) YOUTUBE.

I’ve been on youtube very casually for a few years now. It’s something I’ve always been very interested in but, strangely, never REALLY dedicated myself to, despite very much wanting to.

Maybe this time it will be different.

I’ve started filming for Youtube again, SOLELY as a vehicle to cultivate my editing skills. To be honest, this particular approach has been the most satisfying so far. I’ve been cutting a video PURELY to explore my style as an editor. To see what I can create when I’m not hindered by any external requirement. I’d highly recommend it!

The video I’m working on currently is VERY much styled to be a retro/80’s/vaporwave styled video, leading me to obtain a LOT of cool presets and transitions for Premier Pro. Since I’d like this blog to have atleast some practical value I’ll link them all here, just incase anyone wants to create something paying homage to the good old days. Also, they’re all free!


This is such a great pack of presets which were originally created for the Deadpool movie. There is one effect in the ‘MISC EFFECTS’ folder I’ve been using heavily called ‘Bad TV Reception’.

AUSTIN NEWMAN’S Retro Preset Pack

This is a pack includes 7 great presets, my personal favouorites are ‘VHS Stylize’ and ‘VHS Stylize (Damaged).

ORANGE83 Glitch Transitions

I love these transitions. This pack includes 6 very cool, glitchy transitions. I’ve been using them to ‘enhance’ (ha) the jumpcuts in my video. because is it even a Youtube video without a MASSIVE number of jumpcuts? No.

These have been so much fun to work with. yes I am creating the glitchiest, most broken looking youtube video of all time. It’s the best fun.

Hopefully these links come in handy! If anyone out there uses them I’d love to see what you come up with! Send me a link in the comments!

Glitchingly yours (lol),