I finished the trailer (I guess) and now commencing phase two (of five hundred and seventy-two) of my editing career (which I think now includes writing and directing to some degree how many words can I make this blog title before it starts doing that thing where the letters turn red? I wonder what would happen if I write an entire post in the title. Tune in next time on Sonja doesn’t know what she’s doing.com).

I did it!

My trailer for Editfest is done!


If you like voting you’ll love this link right here! Aw yeah boiiii.

So, my post post thoughts in a blog post;

This was a major learning curve as evidenced by my previous posts that were entirely about trailer and how to cut one.

I’m proud that I a) got something finished and b) don’t hate it BUT honestly it is lacking a lot of elements and finesse. Luckily I am aware of the artistic process and skill development learning curve so I don’t want to fling myself gracefully off a tall building. Just a short building… Or a ledge perhaps.

No, no. I kid. It actually makes me more determined than ever. Now I have a starting point to work from. And that is good. Plus it was extraordinarily fulfilling to do, learning new technical skills (like slightly interesting creative color grading) and working my way around Premier Pro. I think my favourite thing, which has sparked a bit of a new path inside me was finding a story to tell. Then figuring out a way to convey that story idea with some kind of ‘mood’.

Additionally, because this was a more personal project and not a work project, I got to ‘play’ with it which gave me a lot more opportunity to try things out and see if they worked or didn’t work, as well as hone a bit of an artistic voice. This, I think, is something I’ll carry with me into future projects, personal and otherwise. Having a voice as an editor. Very, very important.

This leads in tidily to the second part of my post title.

I’ve begun writing a short film idea. I’d say script but it’s not that advanced yet. It’s still currently in ‘I just threw some alphabet spaghetti on the ground’ phase. But it’s an idea I’m enjoying and, perhaps because I think in vivid imagery, it’s fun to ‘watch’ in my mind. I’m enjoying the process of seeing what the short will look like and how it will be shot and cut and the moments I’ll get to create in it. It’s something I’d like to pursue, even if it’s just as a side project, getting into writing and perhaps directing. Although, I do worry I’m introducing too many learning curves into my life at once. YOLO I guess.

As far as editing goes. My next project I’m creating for myself is to recut No Country For Old Men into a short. I chose that particular movie because it doesn’t have a soundtrack AND I’m curious to see if I can change the mood from something quietly dramatic to something almost awkward and uncomfortable, in a ‘The Office’ kind of way. There’s something quite enjoyable and personally satisfying about mixing unrelated themes (in this case, slightly irreverent humor and scary murder sociopath).

In closing, having a learning curve is fun and deeply gratifying, finishing things (or atleast, submitting things) is confidence boosting, and working on things with a sense of freedom and reverie and discovery is the best feeling in the whole world.

Learning curvingly yours,

Sonja x

More editing competitions and the vast expansive universe of theatrical trailers.

Amidst watching The Aviator (Academy Award for best editing by Thelma Schoonmaker in 2004), working on my little trailer (at present I’m searching through free music resources for tracks I can potentially use), looking through a buddhist meditation book I just got from a temple down the road (this paranthesis is just for consistency) and eating a bowl of frozen berries with almond butter (yumbles), I’ve just discovered this interesting resource for editing competitions in a simple, easy to navigate list.

TLDR; I’ve procrastinated my way to this additional means of procrastination.

Check it out.

One comp in particular has caught my eye: The Trailer Remix Challenge

Another film trailer, yes, and not just any film. A Terminator film.

Also it’s ‘hosted’ by Adobe which fits in nicely with all this Premier Pro business going on around these parts lately. The editing gods have spoken, I am meant to enter this competition.

Y’all wouldn’t realise how much time has passed between the last sentance and this one unless I pointed it out with a Sponge Bob reference BUT after an hour of googling and further investigating movie trailers and ‘what makes a great movie trailer’ I stumbled across this interesting Vice video:

Which, interestingly, interviews some of the folk from an agency called Create Advertising.

Who, interestingly, have made a number of trailers for rather high profile films.

One of which, interestingly, is… Terminator: Dark Fate.

The very same Terminator I’ll be making my own trailer for. The circle of life is complete. Mufasa’s spirit can finally rest in peace.

I’m not sure exactly what I’m supposed to learn from this experience other than the world of movie trailers is a rabbit-hole much deeper than I’d anticipated. I promise this won’t be a blog about movie trailers. But it will be until October 10 when I submit my editfest trailer.

Until next time,

Theatrical traileringly yours,

Sonja x