Well, here we are.

Hello world.

Thus begins the beginning of yet another blog that I may or may not be dedicated to for a week until I get distracted by other ideas, forget it exists, rediscover it in 6 months, hide all my previous posts because they’ve become irrelevant, regret paying for a domain name, realise I’m wasting a precious resource, then begin all over again with a new idea and new drive to share my thoughts with the anonymous passer-bys that comprise of the 2 people that might accidentally read a line of this text before realising they clicked the wrong link and promptly return to Googling ‘Facebook’ (the most googled term in 2020 so far https://ahrefs.com/blog/top-google-searches/).


This time around I’ve decided to start blogging again because I’m in lockdown, I’ve started writing a web OR tv series (TBC) that I’d like to make and therefore have something exciting to talk about, I’ve got a new electric guitar being delivered to my house next week that I can talk about, and, to be quite honest, I’m actually feeling extremely excited about the prospects that are coming up as the world is locking down.

In equal measure, both the new guitar and the show will instill this blog with a journey of growth, of struggle, of failure, of anger, of frustration, of triumph, of learning curves, laughs, romance, death, birth, space armies, sex, transcendance, memes, and, most importantly, a very regular person doing very regular things in the way a very regular person does. Prepare to be whelmed.

Since this is the beginning I suppose I’ll properly introduce yourself, since I’m the host and narrator of your internal monologue right now.

My name is Sonja.

I work in television in Sydney, Australia. At present as an assembly editor. I’ve worked predominantly in reality television since I first began my career around 3.5 years ago which has been equal parts fun and fascinating.

In my past life (in this body, for any Buddhist readers) I was a freewheeling creative hippy something something rejector of society stereotype adventurer. I studied opera singing, architecture, and environmental science at university (thanks adhd), film-making at film school, acting at acting school, played in rock and electro bands as a teen, lived in a tent (by choice) for several months, have been married, and divorced, sold paintings, worked at gyms, and media agencies, and bars, launched a Korean skincare business, day traded for fun, learnt tattooing, and 17 billion additional unfinished projects that might see the light of day. Or might not.

My current life, this one right now that I’m writing from, is as much of an adventure as the rest. After a trip to India a few years ago I decided I would like to care about having a career. I thought it would be a fun game to play, and so began my second life. I landed a job in television as an assistant editor and have spent the past few years working on shows like Masterchef, Married at First Sight, Love Island USA, Gogglebox, Family Food Fight, and The Wall. I did not expect that I would love this world as much as I do. The people I’ve met and the time I’ve spent in it has been extraordinary and I cherish what I’ve learned and who I’ve become in the process.

I think starting a blog at this time has a little more weight than usual. My industry has being swiftly kicked in the shins by COVID19. My next contract has been cancelled because it was set to shoot overseas and I think it’s safe to say that won’t be happening for rather a while.

This extra time in solitude has given me pause to consider what I like, what I want, what I would like to create, and who I would like to be next. Those big questions we all ask ourselves when we have enough mental space to do so, willingly or not.

As someone who is fuelled by discovery and new ideas, creativity, and learning, I’m face to face with the reality of how little space there has been in my life for that since I began ‘Career Sonja’. I miss the fire that comes with a new project, I miss collaborating with people who are equally as passionate about making something of value, and having a mad fun time doing so. I miss just getting to make stuff JUST because. I miss getting to learn a new thing JUST because.

These are things I equate with living. And so, logically, without them there is only death.

So these new ventures are to squeeze as much life out of life as humanly possible while I have the chance. I still care about building an supreme career, of succeeding in the the ‘world of things’, albeit I should disclaim, I recognise it’s inherent flaws and fully realise it is not the meaning of life, nor the path to happiness. I’m doing this as an adventure. To see what I am capable of. We aren’t here for very long after all so why not just go ham on that sandwich. I realise that this is a stereotypically middle-class western comment BUT I like to think that we all are able to give our precious time to values or things we deem worthy of OUR time, whatever they may be. That we are able to consciously make a choice about how we live. I am utterly cursed with the good fortune of being who I am at this time, with options and choices and resources and good internet speeds, and so I fully intend on exploiting that good fortune because it’s a little bitch and I’m the boss.

TL;DR a self indulgent blog by some person who wants to grab life the balls or ovaries or whatever and see just what is possible.

Lots of love,


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