AMA WA #staythef***home

The Australian Medical Association of WA & Friends’ urgent message to Australia and the world about limiting the spread of COVID19.

Directed by Matt Lovkis
Edited by Sonja Gallaher
Produced by Matt Lovkis and Ariel White
Assistant Editor Coen Miller
Finishing Editor Geoff Walters

Thank you to everyone who helped us to send this important message. Our sincere gratitude goes out to the many kind people who reached out on our behalf and contributed in other ways both big and small.

Super-special thanks to the celebrities and Western Australian healthcare professionals who generously gave their time both on-screen and off.

We couldn’t include everyone, but we love and thank you all for making this possible during such a challenging time.

Special thanks to:

Dr. Michelle Musca (concept)
Alex Mavroidakis
Ben Ulm
Dr. Andrew Miller
Matt Fitzpatrick
Michelle Lovkis
Adam Lovkis
Cal Nichols
Michael Spiccia
Dr. Kate Baecher
Matthew Hoffman
Veronica Milsom
Graeme De Vallance
Chris Boyle
Marcus Kjellberg

Dr. Andrew Miller
Dr. Caroline West
Dr. Preeya Alexander
Cal Wilson
Ben Fordham
Lynne McGranger
Dr Shazad Shabir
Jackie Frank
Sophie Monk
Grace Koh
Luke Jacobz
KLP Kristy Lee Peters
Rob Carlton
Richard Reid
Claire Hooper
Rebecca Maddern
Trent Dumont
Joel Creasey
Tim Matthews
Leo Carlton
Jim Carlton
Adam Zwar
Jana Pittman
Lime Cordiale (Oli and Louis Leimbach)
Stephen, Andrew and Bernard Curry
Veronica Milsom
Shane Jacobson
Shane Crawford
Lucy Durack and Chris Horsey
Dr. Nikki Stamp
Dr. Scott Miller
Nazeem Hussein
George Negus
Ros Hammond
Angie Kent
Dr Chris Brown
Nikki Osbourne
Emma Husar
Rob Mills
Jackie Gillies
Stephen Hall

Thanks to:
Ben Brown
Dr. Jill Gamber
Dr Hope Dinh
Dr Kate Jardine & the Friends
Dr Simon Erickson
Dr Soo Im Lim & the Gastro team
Everyone who helped ask around for talent

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