Hello there.

Welcome to my face website.

I’m an assembly editor based in Sydney, you can see a few things I’ve worked on in my resume up yonder to the right, but lo! I am so much more!

For one thing, I have this sick website with a gif of my own face to personally greet all my esteemed and treasured guests (that’s you!).

Additionally, many other things. Wow, just so many. I am deeper than the oceans. I am vaster than the skies. I am boundless, uncontained, including all knowable things yet clear as the water of a pristine mountain lake.

Consider these inspiring words from one of the worlds greatest philosophers.

“I don’t know.”
Andy Kauffman

Anyhoosie! Thank you so much for visiting!

By reading this you’ve triggered a cornea sensitive mystical soul binding contract that makes me your best friend. Congratulations!